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No. The only requirement is that you love to sing. If you do, then provided you are over 16, you are welcome to join the choir.
No. No choir member requires sheet music. Once you are a registered member you can access the members area of the DYT website, where you can listen to and download the tracks for all songs/voice parts to play on your computer or portable device.
After your initial free taster session, there are two ways to pay. One is by paying £7 for each rehearsal or the other is to take advantage of our new DYT Rewards card. By block booking a term’s worth of sessions (or by referring a friend who becomes a member) you receive one stamp on your card. When you have got three stamps, you get a free session!
A membership pack is given to a new member on their third rehearsal (including their taster session) for the one off payment of £7. Each pack includes a Do Your Thing branded A4 plastic wallet complete with a ballpoint pen, car sticker, DYT payment card, flier, order form and a member’s handbook with everything you need to know about being a member of DYT.
Only your voice and some water!
If you love singing, you're welcome - fact! Several of our members felt they couldn't sing but with a bit of confidence as well as their passion for singing, they've flourished!
We tend to sing the songs that people love singing along to on the radio. This could be from ABBA to Take That! If you feel the urge turn the music up in the car or you want to grab a hairbrush and sing along to a song, these are the kind of classics that Do Your Thing will sing!
We would suggest that you register your interest first, however if you do decide to just turn up, please make sure that you check the website for term dates first.
Yes! However, it is not compulsory ... but once you've done one gig, you'll never look back! Take a look at our gallery section to see the fun we have!

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