LAST UPDATED: 5th May 2018
In taking part in any rehearsal, performance, workshop or event it is agreed that any use of resources, techniques and ideas will not be used, amended, copied or replicated at any other event, or to any group or in any venue. If found to be used, legal action will ensue against the individual.
Do Your Thing reserves the right to stop admission of any member who does not fulfil the requirements or who is deemed to be joining Do Your Thing™ to abuse their membership to access the intellectual property or brand owned by Do Your Thing™.
Do Your Thing™ rehearsals run in term time. Do Your Thing™ reserves the right to alter the schedule of rehearsals to fit in with performances and other events that may be taking place. No refunds will be given in these circumstances. If rehearsals are cancelled due to acts of God (Weather etc) then Do Your Thing™ will make best endeavours to provide alternative rehearsal time over the next two terms. No refunds will be given in these circumstances.
Do Your Thing™ may from time to time provide additional facilities such as downloads, special rehearsals and shows. These are not part of the basic membership facilities and are provided solely at the discretion of Do Your Thing™.
Those who do not have internet facilities may not be able to access some of these additional provisions.
Membership costs may vary each academic year and members will be notified of any change beforehand.
Refunds are at the sole discretion of Do Your Thing™ depending on the circumstances.
In making an application, members are assumed to be medically fit to undertake the vocal and physical demands of Do Your Thing™. If an individual has any doubts, these should be indicated to Do Your Thing™ prior to their application or agreement to these terms.
The director reserves the right to refuse the admission of any member.
By joining, it is agreed that photographs and film footage may be taken of all the members and used for advertising and marketing purposes in relation to Do Your Thing™.
Do Your Thing™ is not responsible for damage to person or personal belongings whilst attending rehearsals and performances or before and after rehearsals and performances.
Do Your Thing™ members are responsible for their own vehicles, property and well-being whilst attending all rehearsals and performances.
Travel arrangements are to be made by each member to rehearsals and performances unless it is agreed otherwise.
Do Your Thing™ aims to create a safe and positive environment for all its members. In order to do this, we must ensure acceptable standards of behaviour from our members.
All members should be punctual to rehearsals, when possible.
As a general rule, members are required to attend a minimum of 70% rehearsals before applying for events and performances. This rule can only be changed at the discretion of the MD.
Mobile phones are to be kept on silent and only used if absolutely necessary during rehearsals.
Members should be co-operative with both staff and fellow members, and uphold an equal-opportunity environment. Any form of negative behaviour, whether written or verbal, towards others including Do Your Thing members, Do Your Thing™ choir leaders, the Do Your Thing office staff or to the rehearsal and performance environment/staff or audience will lead to cancellation of membership. In this case, membership payment will not be refunded.
Members should understand that Do Your Thing™ cannot be held financially responsible for damage caused by misconduct.
Personal and private information held by Do Your Thing™ will not be passed to external bodies or organisations unless agreed to by each member.