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Nothing else would bring me out of my warm house on a freezing January evening. I love every minute! It's joyful and gives me such a good feeling about myself - Meg Faulkner
  What a rush! Love it,,, how on earth did I manage before DYT ?????? - Susan Bradbury
  After the stresses of work etc, it's just great to come away every Tuesday evening feeling on top of the world... I just wish the week would go quicker! - Helena Bird
Never knew I could have so much fun singing and with a great group of people. Love my Wednesday nights! Carolyn C
Wonderful! Only just joined, but it's such good fun and everyone is so friendly and welcoming. Liz Longden
  I only missed one session when I had lost my voice .. I almost came to mime! - Mandy
  I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed being part of this choir and actually singing, everyone is so lovely and friendly and Liz is such an inspiration I think that maybe I can do this ... - Linda
If you like to sing this is where it's at! Come and join us! It's great fun! - Christine

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