What to Expect on your Free Taster Session

First and foremost a great fun evening where you not only get to experience singing in three or more part harmony with other choir members, but where you learn singing techniques and tips to help improve your voice including fun tongue twisters to specific exercises to help with diction, range and tone.

There are no auditions and it really doesn't matter if you've had any previous experience singing in a choir before or whether you can read music. You just need to love to sing and that's it!

"I was impressed by how much I learnt from the session where Liz showed us lots of techniques on how best to use our voice ... I finished feeling very uplifted"

Introducing the DYT Rewards Card

We're delighted to introduce the new DYT Rewards card, which entitles each member to a free session at DYT, once they have gained 3 stamps on their card.

There are two simple ways to gain stamps, one is by referring a friend who then becomes a member of the choir and the other is by block booking a terms worth of rehearsals.

Once a friend that you have referred comes back for their third session and becomes an official member of the choir and receives their DYT member's pack, you will receive a stamp on your rewards card. Their are no limits to the amount of cards a member can have, so the more friends you bring along, the more free sessions you could gain!

If you choose the block booking payment option and pay for a term of rehearsals (ten per term) you too will receive a stamp on your card. Once you have received three stamps, you will be entitled to a free session.

And what's even better is that you can mix and match! So, for example, if you decided to block book one term and brought a couple of friends along, who then became members, you would get three stamps and therefore be entitled to a free session in one go!


As well as having great fun, learning new vocal techniques and singing in harmony, members form firm friendships with all different age groups and regularly socialise outside of rehearsal time. Trips have included DYT being invited to watch the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra in a rehearsal, singing workshops of different styles, karaoke nights and theatre trips to name a few. As well as their weekly rehearsals, choir members enjoy socials at the end of term and particularly look forward to their Christmas dos which last year took place at The Heaton Moor Sports Club and The Village Hotel in Ashton.